Competition Winner…..

Gravespeakers, Books Covers

There were seven finalists in my competition to be the star of the next Gravespeakers’ book out of almost 100 entries. And the overall winner is…. Callum Houston. I will be in touch after the Easter break.

Because the standard was so high, I would like to offer each of the remaining six finalists a small consolation prize:

I will sign and send any three of my books to Aoife Barrett, Shauna Murphy, Lana O’ Connell, Lily Pozzi, Kate Somers and Aoife O’ Sullivan for their excellent competition entries.

The full list of my books is here:

You can choose from the limited edition early design covers:


Or the brand new design, whichever you prefer.

Gravespeakers, Books Covers

I’ll be in touch to take your order after the Easter break.

Once again congratulations to Callum, all the finalists and a huge thank you to all the Gravespeakers’ fans who entered.  Work will begin on the new book in April.



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