Want to be the star of Anthony’s next book?

Anthony will choose one winner to be the main character of the next Gravespeakers book and it could be you!! Ruth McCarthy from Ballybunion won this amazing prize last year and became the star of book 2. The winner this year will become the main character of book 5. Gravespeakers has six books in the series – Maria, Ruth, Crispin and Jack are the first four.

Win the competition and you will learn how an author puts together a book from start to finish and assist in the promotion of the book through the media if you wish. If you are the lucky winner, Anthony will meet you and your parents/guardians to discuss the book and how you would like your character to develop.  All you need to do to enter is:

1. Buy Anthony’s current book ‘Gravespeakers: Jack or Gravespeakers: Crispin, Gravespeakers: Ruth’ or ‘Gravespeakers: Maria’. You can buy them on Amazon or direct from the author.

Gravespeakers: Jack on Amazon

Gravespeakers: Crispin on Amazon

Gravespeakers: Ruth on Amazon

Gravespeakers: Maria on Amazon

2. Write a short review of the book – three paragraphs maximum

3. Email your review to Anthony or post your review on Amazon and give the book your rating out of 5.

“Anyone can win this prize,” Anthony said. “Even if you think your writing or your spelling isn’t great, it doesn’t matter. Tell me what you think of the book.  I’m looking for something that catches my eye.”

Email your entries to:

Winner will be chosen on Friday, 30th March 2018.

Competition Entries

We are getting some amazing entries for our competition to be the star of the next Gravespeakers book. If you want to win, get your entry in quickly. The winner will be announced on the 30th March 2018.   I will add in some of the competition entries on the link above.  Good luck to everyone!! […]

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