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Gravespeakers: Louise

Six children discover on their 12th birthday they have a special gift, they can communicate with the dead! Maria, Ruth, Crispin, Jack and Callum have all completed their challenges. Everything now depends on Louise. But when we join her at the beginning of book 6, she has a problem. She is already dead! Can Louise find a way to overcome this ‘setback’ and complete her task? One of the most exciting paranormal books of 2020.

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Gravespeakers: Callum

Gravespeakers:Callum tells the story of the fifth of the six children, Callum Houston from Blennerville, in County Kerry, in Ireland. Callum, a confident and popular 12-year-old, is captain of his school’s debating team. To retain his powers until his eighteenth birthday, he must complete a challenge – win the Munster finals of a school debating competition. Seems easy but the trouble is, by the time he finds out what the challenge is, his team has already lost the debate! Callum must use his powers of interdimensional travel to go back in time and secure the victory he needs. He takes his best friend Paddy with him, but instead of attending the debate, Paddy uses the time trip to make the lifelong dreams of his granny come true instead. The forces of darkness, who want to stop Callum from completing his task, begin to circle. And Callum is not at all sure he wants to talk to dead people until he is eighteen anyway! He can only make two time jumps and after the first has gone horribly wrong, he tries one more time to save the day, but will he make it?

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Gravespeakers: Jack

Gravespeakers:Jack tells the story of the fourth of the children, Jack McCarthy from Killorglin in Country Kerry. Born with tetra-Amelia syndrome, a rare disorder affecting less than a dozen people worldwide, leaving him in a wheelchair, Jack refuses to let it get him down. But when Jack’s father leaves and then is tragically killed, his resolve is tested to the limit, especially when his house is demolished under instructions from an unscrupulous county council leader. And when Jack is offered the chance to walk and run and skip and dance for a full month by Laertes, a supernatural visitor in return for abandoning his chance to be one of the six, the temptation is strong. The pressure intensifies when Laertes helps Jack to dance for the first time in his life with his newly-found soulmate, Drooz Rammen. Will Jack succumb or will he resist and fulfil his destiny? Gravespeakers:Jack is the fourth book in the series and is inspired by the real-life story of Joanne O’ Riordan from Cork. Joanne is one of a handful of people worldwide with tetra-amelia syndrome. Voted one of the top paranormal books for children of 2019.

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Gravespeakers: Crispin

Gravespeakers: Crispin is the third in a set of six paranormal books by Anthony Garvey.

Crispin is a strong-minded 12-year-old who lives with his granny in a small cottage in Dingle, in County Kerry in Ireland. He is bullied in school and seeks sanctuary in computers and through his hobby, fishing. He discovers on his twelfth birthday he is one of six children who can communicate with the dead.

To retain his powers until his eighteenth birthday, he must rescue his parents from a remote island in just thirty days. It all comes as a shock to Crispin who believed his parents had died in a plane crash when he was only 4.

But there are forces who want to stop Crispin from carrying out his task. They wish to maintain the natural order and Crispin has to battle against all the odds to rescue his parents. He finally finds them. But will they all make it off the remote island alive?

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Gravespeakers: Ruth

Gravespeakers: Ruth is the second in a set of six Gravespeakers paranormal books by Anthony Garvey.

Ruth is a police sergeant’s daughter from Ballybunion in Kerry.  She must find out who killed her brother Johnny in a hit-and-run accident. There are three main suspects and she sets off to investigate each one in turn.

If she manages to find her brother’s killer in 30 days she will become one of just six children who will keep their powers until their 18th birthday. But there are forces who will do anything they can to stop her in her quest.  Will Ruth complete her task in 30 days and take her place among the six?

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Gravespeakers: Maria

Gravespeakers: Maria is the first in a set of six paranormal books by Anthony Garvey. Six children discover they have a special gift on their 12th birthday – they can communicate with the dead!

Maria is the daughter of an undertaker, from Tarbert in County Kerry. She spends her days surrounded by death. At night it is no different. Maria sees dead people in her dreams. They stand at the end of her bed, eyes closed, reaching out towards her. And on her twelfth birthday, they open their eyes and start to speak to her.

They want Maria to grant their dying wishes. Maria discovers if she makes three wishes of the dead come true in 30 days, she will become one of just six children worldwide who can continue to communicate with those on ‘the other side’ until her 18th birthday.

Maria enlists the help of her two friends Helen and Vinnie in this thrilling race against time. But there are forces led by the sinister figure Laertes, who want to maintain the natural order and stop Maria in her quest.

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The Dark Green Book of Dreams: My Teacher’s a Witch!

TheDarkBookofDreamsFour children are asked to write a story for a mysterious substitute teacher, but their adventures become real, taking them on an exciting journey through time from Ancient Egypt into the future. Ms Hamilton. an unusual substitute teacher, takes over a class of eleven-year olds for a week and asks for volunteers for the ‘adventure of a lifetime’. She produces a strange book and asks each of the children to write a chapter. But when they open the book, instead of writing their stories, they experience them! In each exciting episode, the children must defeat Aggie, Conor’s evil step-mother, who is battling to keep them trapped in their new reality.

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