Gravespeakers: Callum

Book Five: Gravespeakers Callum

Six children discover on their 12th birthday they have a special gift – they can communicate with the dead! Gravespeakers:Callum tells the story of the fifth of the six children, Callum Houston from Blennerville, in County Kerry, in Ireland. Callum, a confident and popular 12-year-old, is captain of his school’s debating team. To retain his powers until his eighteenth birthday, he must complete a challenge – win the Munster finals of a school debating competition. Seems easy but the trouble is, by the time he finds out what the challenge is, his team has already lost the debate!

Callum must use his powers of interdimensional travel to go back in time and secure the victory he needs. He takes his best friend Paddy with him, but instead of attending the debate, Paddy uses the time trip to make the lifelong dreams of his granny come true instead. The forces of darkness, who want to stop Callum from completing his task, begin to circle. And Callum is not at all sure he wants to talk to dead people until he is eighteen anyway!

He can only make two time jumps and after the first has gone horribly wrong, he tries one more time to save the day, but will he make it? Want to be the main character in Anthony’s next book? Enter Anthony’s competition by reviewing Gravespeakers Callum or you can review one of his other books on and you could win this amazing prize! 

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