Gravespeakers: Maria

Book One: Gravespeakers: Maria

Six children discover they have a special gift on their 12th birthday – they can communicate with the dead!

Gravespeakers: Maria tells the story of the first of the six children, Maria Lyons from Tarbert, in County Kerry, in Ireland. The daughter of an undertaker, Maria spends her days surrounded by death.

At night it is no different. Maria sees dead people in her dreams. They stand at the end of her bed, eyes closed, reaching out towards her. And on her twelfth birthday, they open their eyes and start to speak to her.

They want Maria to grant their dying wishes. Maria also discovers if she makes three wishes of the dead come true in 30 days, she will become one of just six children worldwide who can continue to communicate with those on ‘the other side’ until her 18th birthday.

Maria enlists the help of her two friends Helen and Vinnie in this thrilling race against time. But there are forces led by the sinister figure Laertes, who want to maintain the natural order and stop Maria in her quest.

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