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Visit to your school:

Award winning presenter and children’s author, Anthony Garvey will run a series of virtual school visits and creative writing workshops for children between 7-12 years of age at primary schools in ​the UK and Ireland.

The aim of the school visits is to build confidence in the children’s writing abilities, develop their creativity, improve literacy and have fun along the way.

The children will be encouraged to put together an original, imaginative one-page story based on the tips and advice they receive during the workshop.

Creative writing workshops for children
Children at Desert Serges National School in Enniskeane in Cork with Anthony.

Delivered to Suit Your Needs:

Anthony can easily deliver three separate sessions to different classes or years in a single day. He will ​begin at the start of the day and leave when you finish. Sessions typically hold between 20 to 50 children.

During the workshop, which will last for 80 minutes (2 classes in length), the children will learn how to:

  • Develop an opening that builds tension and creates mystery
  • Create and develop a successful main character
  • Construct an atmospheric setting for their story
  • Use powerful and appropriate vocabulary
  • Include sight, sound, touch, taste and smell when writing
  • Produce strong dialogue and produce a gripping plot
  • Building the pace of the story to keep the reader hooked
  • Observe the small details and use the power of memory
  • Write a compelling ending to their story
  • Read regularly to improve their writing

Anthony will also read from his first children’s books and use examples from his own work to help the children write with their heart as well as their heads.

Anthony will tell the children about his amazing competition!!

One child will become the main character in his next book. ​The winner will also get the chance to read the final drafts of the upcoming books before anyone else and contribute to their development.

​They will also learn how an author puts together a book from start to finish and assist in the promotion of the book through the media if they wish.

​Enter the competition at and a child ​at your school could win this terrific prize!

Cost of the Workshop?

Just €5 per child.

Wonderful morning. Anthony Garvey award winning speaker and presenter joined us for one of his school visits. What an inspirational presentation for the children. Dolores Johnston, Principal, Douglas NS Killorglin

The children are encouraged to send Anthony their completed short stories. Anthony will offer written words of encouragement to every child who sends him a story.

If you would like me to come for one of my school visits, please get in touch:  Call me on 087 79 79 2 79 to book a time and date and I will answer any questions you may have or email me:​

School book readings

Anthony at Presentation Primary School, Tralee

About Anthony Garvey:

Anthony has delivered workshops and performed book readings in over 150 primary schools in the UK and Ireland. Anthony has written seven children’s books and he is working on a new series which will be published in 2023. Although he lives and works in Tralee in Kerry, Anthony is originally from Drumcondra in Dublin.

The Dark Green Book of Dreams: (Suitable for Ages 6-9)

“Four children are asked to write a story for a mysterious substitute teacher, but their adventures become real, taking them on an exciting journey through time from Ancient Egypt into the future.” The Dark Green Book of Dreams is available through Amazon (link below)

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The Gravespeakers Series: Suitable for Ages 8-12 years

Six children discover they have a special gift on their 12th birthday – they can communicate with the dead!

Gravespeakers: Maria

The daughter of an undertaker, Maria sees dead people in her dreams. She discovers if she makes three wishes of the dead come true in 30 days, she will become one of just six children worldwide who can continue to communicate with those on ‘the other side’ until her 18th birthday. The book was launched at Listowel Writers’ Week.

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Gravespeakers: Ruth

The story of Ruth McCarthy, a police sergeant’s daughter from Ballybunion in Kerry. Ruth must find out who killed her brother Johnny in a hit-and-run accident in 30 days to become one of ‘the six’.

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Gravespeakers: Crispin

The story of Crispin, a strong-minded 12-year-old who lives with his granny in a small cottage in Dingle, in County Kerry in Ireland. He must rescue his parents from Valentia Island in just thirty days. It all comes as a shock to Crispin who believed his parents had died in a plane crash when he was only 4.

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Gravespeakers: Jack

Gravespeakers:Jack tells the story of the fourth of the children, Jack McCarthy from Killorglin in Country Kerry. Born with tetra-Amelia syndrome, a rare disorder affecting less than a dozen people worldwide, leaving him in a wheelchair, Jack refuses to let it get him down. And when Jack is offered the chance to walk and run and skip and dance for a full month by Laertes, a supernatural visitor in return for abandoning his chance to be one of the six, the temptation is strong. Will Jack succumb or will he resist and fulfil his destiny?

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Gravespeakers: Callum

Gravespeakers:Callum tells the story of the fifth of the six children, Callum Houston from Blennerville, in County Kerry, in Ireland. To retain his powers until his eighteenth birthday, he must win the Munster finals of a school debating competition. Seems easy but the trouble is, by the time he finds out what the challenge is, his team has already lost the debate! Callum must use his powers of interdimensional travel to go back in time and secure the victory he needs.

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Gravespeakers: Louise

Maria, Ruth, Crispin, Jack and Callum have all completed their challenges. Everything now depends on Louise. But when we join her at the beginning of book 6, she has a problem. She is already dead! Can Louise find a way to overcome this ‘setback’ and complete her task?

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My visit to An Clochan National school and on there are further videos of book readings, book launches and news stories promoting the books throughout Munster.

If you would like to book a time and date or if you have any questions, feel free to give me a call (087 7979279) or send me through an email.

Very best wishes